Inspection and surveys


We provide inspection and survey services that’s carried out by our professional and analytic team to help you monitor and detect any losses in addition to environmental solutions.

Inspection Services

•Supplying , Installing and testing, annual services.
•Marine crew personal safety, and rescue equipment (life rafts, lifeboats ,rescue boats and related equipment).
•Lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, breathing apparatus, IMO signs.
•Fire extinguishers ( foam , dry chemicals , CO2 ).

Survey Services

•Cargo surveys and inspections.
• Tally surveys.
• Cargo condition surveys.
•Cargo loss surveys.
•Damage surveys.
•Hull and machinery inspections.
•Draft. Surveys.
•Bunkers Surveys.
•Tanks cleanliness surveys.
•Supervision of marine contractors and ship’s repairs.