Suez Canal Transit

Importance of the Suez Canal:

•Suez Canal has a great geographical position which makes it important to the world trade and maritime transport.
•Vessels that transit through the Suez Canal saves in operation cost and saves time.

What we offer?

ElDawi Sons operate as Suez Canal Transit Agent and Shipping agency for vessel owners, operators and charters, we provide all the services required ,solving ,checking and ensuring that Suez canal tolls have been calculated correctly with no dispute what so ever. We Follow up on the berthing of the vessel and transiting the canal, ensuring that satisfactory services are offered to any of the parties and facilitating any matters or problems occurring in addition to avoiding any delay and full watch while the vessel is at the port until the exit way, also checking the financial transactions.


We grant all types of rebates to vessels transiting in Suez canal in addition to supervision including owners ,operators, and charterers of vessels transiting. Rebate requests for long haul is set in accordance with rules and regulations set by SCA circulars and amendments to approve the granting of such rebates.We have a very good relation with the SCA and we work together cooperatively to get the maximum rebates.