General Ship Supplier


We provide general ship supplies including fresh and dry provisions, bonded ,cabin, electric, engine ,deck and Safety stores and more .We utilize a professional team assigned for offering you quotes to high quality products with the lowest price in the market with credit payments and maximum discounts

Provisions and bond stores

We have a very an experienced team that take your daily requirements to give you the best offers and discounts for credit and cash payments of good high quality products. Supplying you with a range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions Local and imported with refrigeration and freezing facilities. Fruit, vegetables and dairy products are carefully selected and delivered daily from the market.


Fresh Provisions

Technical Stores

We know how important maintenance operation is and the criticality of repair works, we share responsibility with you by providing the right quality & specifications.Our warehouses are located at Egyptian ports stores thousands of items and is easily and instantly accessed which speeds process of delivery even at short notice. In addition to safety & Rescue Equipment.

•Cabin, safety, stationary, deck, engine, chemicals coating, lashing equipment.
•Mooring & Towing ropes.
• Steel wire ropes galvanized and non-galvanized and it’s accessories.
•Anchors, anchor chains, shackles and lashing equipment.
•Marine chemicals and tanks cleaning materials.
•Coating, paint and its equipment.
• Personal safety and protective gears.
• Marine and industrial firefighting equipment.
• Safety, IMO signs and rescue equipment.
• Hoses, coupling and nozzles for marine and industrial use.
• Marine electrical fittings.
• Electronics and navigational equipment.
• Pneumatic and electrical tools (decaling, grinding Equipment).
• Pneumatic and electrical pumps and winches.
• Hand and cutting tools.
• Measuring instruments.
• Metal sheets and bars.
• All types, shapes of bolts, nuts and washers.
• Carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings.
• All types of marine and industrial valves.
• Packing and jointing materials.
• Welding and cutting equipment.
• Hoists of all types.

Antipiracy Stores

•Razor wire
•Barbed wire
•Seizing wire
•Anti shatter film
•Secure fence
•Binocular night vision and more


Industrial Valves




Pipe Tubes


Cutting Tools